Compendium Of Sorrow

by Whispering Shadows

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released March 8, 2014

Music + Lyrics - Silencer
Vocals - Silencer



all rights reserved


Whispering Shadows Queenborough, UK

Whispering Shadows is a concept concieved in the early hours of the morning, Draped in misery, forged in sorrow, Dowsed in despair. Evil cames alive whilst beauty retracts and reforms to create distant landscapes of ethereal pictures. The night died as the mourning had silenced the empty prayers, for is music is a tourniquet, ive bled my life to rivers......(Silencer) ... more

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Track Name: Sunset Sees The Childer Blister
Open the gates of whispering shadows
Fondle thy figments
Grasp the souls in flames
Eternal portraits
Of gastly meadows
Delicately smothered of childrens faces
A severed exsistence
A beautiful prayer
Entanged visions blister the silence
And petals drown in tears
My sadness soothes you as you shiver
My sorrow bleeds from vien to vien
My love is twisted into shadows
For with me my love your safe
Track Name: Compendium Of Sorrow
By water she breathes in toxic
Decaying visions of birth
For fortune favoured her empty stare
And burned the babies eyes
My solice, cold and withered
Her hands against my neck
I whisper "Im sorry"
She turned and died inside

Far away a flicker of a picture
Seems so fruitful in bloom
The darkness, devoured
Desolate and bleak
My hands against her
Her tears flow free

My sorrow now taken
Our child in the arms of god
Track Name: Descending Into Despair
Beaneth the soil
Breeding faces
Familiar and lost
Echoes in replacement
Sanity devoured by thought
A pavement linking strangers
Hand in hand we fall and fade

Empty threats now turned to curses
Victims become naked and devained
The water above frozen
All love now washed away

A needed prayer for solice
Please take this shame away

Your vision there of beauty
Diverse and now decay
The life above now ended
May your love never betray

A needed prayer for solice
Please take this shame away

There just words
They mean so much to no-one
Loves fabricated feelings
Desire by the lonely

My heart descending into despair
My memories blur to nothing
You were the vision of this beauty
But you decayed and went away
I see your picture in my dreams at night
Your body resting cold beside me
But your hands they look so frail
And your eyes are closed forever

The life above now ended
May your love never betray