Sea Of Shadows (Demo)

by Whispering Shadows

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released November 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Whispering Shadows Queenborough, UK

Whispering Shadows is a concept concieved in the early hours of the morning, Draped in misery, forged in sorrow, Dowsed in despair. Evil cames alive whilst beauty retracts and reforms to create distant landscapes of ethereal pictures. The night died as the mourning had silenced the empty prayers, for is music is a tourniquet, ive bled my life to rivers......(Silencer) ... more

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Track Name: Dust Shall Settle, Birds Shall Weep
Mourning prayers yearn for the warmth of your embrace
An isolated moment, fading far between us
I capture your silhouette as these wounds leak out a river

For my heart in which to drown
And your soul in which to bathe
Forever becomes an instant
The pasts we paint decayed

To have wanted to flay thine skin
To have shown beyond this mask
A warrior on the outside
Underneath a child

Whimpering is everlasting, frail visions formed with smoke
The glass half filled with solitude
Reclusion turned from dust to stone

Your frame is gold and shimmering
The tempted becomes the tempter
A thief forever more

This balled sung in foreign tongue
Your petals they form the play
Actors swarm and serenade
The end of everything

The end of you and i...
Track Name: Leaders Amoung Masks
I, alone, unwanted
Valued by the dark lord
Praying on deseased
Violanting promises
Intrepid are the wanders
Silent as they fall

He who stants defiant
Bleeds before his grace
He who stands beside
SHall forget happiness
I, before you, am guardian of saints
The misery inside
Come alive

i am not the river
i have never seen the sun
My hand have never felt your pain
i will never cry your tears
I am not the saviour
I was never born to serve
I am but one, i am but me
I am eternal, thou my heart is not free

I, alone, defeated the fire
I stood beside and felt alive
My instinct carried me to the shadows
My oblivion in blood
Tied behind the masks of fortune
My wisdom comes undone
I gaze upon the victims
I shutter as they scream

Worship your leader
Die trying if you must...