The Jumper Diaries (Demo)

by Whispering Shadows

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released June 11, 2013



all rights reserved


Whispering Shadows Queenborough, UK

Whispering Shadows is a concept concieved in the early hours of the morning, Draped in misery, forged in sorrow, Dowsed in despair. Evil cames alive whilst beauty retracts and reforms to create distant landscapes of ethereal pictures. The night died as the mourning had silenced the empty prayers, for is music is a tourniquet, ive bled my life to rivers......(Silencer) ... more

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Track Name: Honour The Dead
Honour the dead
Lay paintings next to flowers
Frame feelings from our viens
Escape to further landscapes
Form mountings from broken dreams
Dangle sorrow against despair
And love forever more

Write poems of shaded portaits
Kiss fingers now frail and gone
Honour the moments shared together
Unify the torment
Escape without such harm
Feel feelings of dirt and ashes
And love forever more

Honour the dead
Plant seeds to rebirth beauty
Watch winters come and pass
Evenlope desire
And create smiles from broken shadows
Decompose all hatred
Love you forever more

Tell stories and battles won
Tell stories of battles lost
Tell stories carved in fiction
Replace names with empty bottles
Sing songs of fallen faces
And love forever more
Track Name: Sunset Sees The Children Blister
Open the gates of whispering shadows
Fondle thy figments
Grasp the souls in flames
Eternal portraits
Of gastly meadows
Delicately smothered of childrens faces
A severed exsistence
A beautiful prayer
Entanged visions blister the silence
And petals drown in tears
My sadness soothes you as you shiver
My sorrow bleeds from vien to vien
My love is twisted into shadows
For with me my love your safe